Ralph Lauren Keyword Search & SEO (Graded Post)

While using Google’s Keyword planner, it was interesting to see how different keywords produced different results. To start my search on my brand, I first typed in “Ralph Lauren.” The top successful term that resulted was “polo Ralph Lauren”. With an average of 334,650 searches per month, polo Ralph Lauren is a largely search term for the Ralph Lauren. Over the past 12 months, the searches were still within the average range expect for in the months of April and September when the search fell to about 240,000. The months of March and April and way above average reaching up to 400,000. The most successful search terms were “polo Ralph Lauren”, “polo shirts”, and “outlet. The most expensive keywords were polo shirts, coupons, and shoes, ranging from $1.13-$1.36. When I did a long-tail search using Ralph Lauren brand clothing, more keywords appeared then when I did a short-tail search and only used the keyword “Polo”. It was interesting to see the difference in the rates per word. Coupon had the highest rate of $1.36 which displays that most of Ralph Lauren consumers may be looking for a bargain. Taking a glimpse at the competition tab next to each keyword, a few keywords Rugby, Shoes, Clothing, and wholesale had a suggested bid of high compared to the keyword “Macys” that only had a suggested bid of medium. 

Referring to the SEO Optimizer, Ralph Lauren was evaluated on their overall performance. Few of the key improvements were: 

1. Improve the title of the website
2. Get some “Like it!” clicks
3. Get some Google +1 clicks
4. Distinguish your keywords with strongs and bolds
5. Optimize the number of external links
6. Improve internal links. 

Ralph Lauren’s Report card totaled 6.43/7 

1. The link check rated a 10/10 with only one broken link. 
2. The HTML check rated a 7/10 with no HTML errors but 286 warnings. 
3. The load time received an extremely low rating of 1/10. The load time took 522.01 seconds.
4. Mega Tag received a perfect score of 10/10 with no errors 
5. Spell check received a score of 9/10. There were 11 misspelling errors that jeopardized receiving a perfect score. 
6. Lastly, keyword check received a score of 8/10 with total words of 430.

I recommend that Ralph Lauren improve the slight errors they received on their report card. First, although it was only one broken link, it’s important for the Ralph Lauren website to not have any broken links what so ever. Effective and efficient Internal links are important for an overall website to run smoothly and be appealing. That can make a consumer slightly irritated and cause them to leave the page completely. This also applies for HTML errors. Some consumers may not be aware of the slight HTML errors but other may view it as unprofessional and exit the site as well. The load time was the most disappointing grade in my opinion. As a well known brand and a lot of consumers shopping online, it is essential for the website to load extreme quickly one the main website and mobile website. Personally, when I visit and it takes to long to load, I immediately want to leave the website and visit another. Speed is an vital factor in all websites especially when competitors also have online websites.

Mobile Page Challenge: Ralph Lauren vs. Tommy Hilfiger

Ralph Lauren

Using my iPhone 5, I first started my loading my selected brand mobile page – Ralph Lauren. Upon landing on the homepage, the upload was very fast and was not interrupted. Immediately, I noticed that Ralph Lauren mobile website appearance was very similar and still matched with the main website. Their slideshow of promotions played normally on the smart phone as it did online. I have experienced technical difficulties with other websites that slideshows or images may not show on a mobile device but plays normally on a CPU or desktop so I was very impressed with the easy usability of the Ralph Lauren’s mobile page.  A sales promotion coupon is also immediately visible right under the slideshow, which is a good marketing technique to draw the consumer in. Other keen features on the mobile website were the same shop options you would have on the main website. The navigation was very easy to get to each page I viewed. Also on the mobile homepage, there is a customer service number available and a customer assistance tab button, which in my opinion are important features that are available. Ralph Lauren mobile page included all the important features needed for a consumer to view the products and make a purchase without experiencing problems. Although, the mobile page is easy to navigate and is simple but effective in design, there is still an option to view the Ralph Lauren full site directly on the main page so the customer does not have to search for that information. The mobile page is simple and definitely clears call to actions. I also noticed I did not have to pinch or zoom to see any materials, – the interface was perfect! Below are snap shot of the mobile page:
photo 1
photo 3





Tommy Hilfiger:

Visiting the Tommy Hilfiger mobile page, which is one of Ralph Lauren’s largest competitor, was slightly disappointing. The mobile page did not match to the main page at all, expect for email sign ups. The usability of the mobile page was more difficult then I expected it too be. There were very few options on the main page such as a search bar, log in button, store locator button, and an email button. Also, unlike Ralph Lauren’s mobile page, Tommy Hilfiger’s slide show did not play which takes away from advertising all their products to consumers. There was also not an option for consumers to go to the traditional website which can be very frustrating for a consumer that cannot find what they are looking for on the mobile website. In addition to the lack of a view full site feature, there should also be a customer service number located directly on the page so consumers do not have to look through several tabs to find that information.

photo 2

Overall! I think Ralph Lauren mobile site is better than Tommy Hilfiger. The page load very quickly, the page’s usability is very effective and is simple for the consumer to use, and all the important features are listed on the front page. The mobile site also match the traditional site which is a good way of integrating the marketing materials and products they are selling. Ralph Lauren web design overall is much better and includes great things such a customer service number and view full site feature button.

Ralph Lauren Distinguishes Itself From Other Brands (Graded)

Ralph Lauren has always been a brand that stuck out to me in a numerous amount of ways. This brand does a distinctive job of building a STRONG brand community and also strong brand recognition. Their logo, strong advertising, and social media presence are all key elements on why this consumer brand is successful amongst its competitors. Ralph Lauren integrates the seven elements of primal branding to help their brand be more successful.  

The Creation Story: Ralph Lauren is a company started by Ralph Lifshitz in 1967. Ralph started out his company by designing his own line of ties. Ralph sold his ties out of a drawer at a showroom in the Empire State Building. He decided to name his line Polo, which was named after the sport itself. Within two years, Ralph Lauren was able to sell his items out of Bloomingdales and went out to design women clothing, fragrances, and men clothing. The early stages of Ralph creating his company is where he starts creating awareness about his products and developing his brand.


The Creed: Ralph Lauren brands itself on representing the American dream through their products. This is essential because consumers can feel a sense of connectedness if they share the same values. Ralph Lauren prides itself for delivering quality products, inviting consumers to share the American experience with them, and being innovators. An important way Ralph Lauren has marketed the company is by first creating stories and motivating consumers to then want to experience be apart of the story. Their creed represents the all American lifestyle.


Icons: When dealing with the familiarity stage in brand development, Ralph Lauren’s distinct icon has contributed tremendously to that. Their icon of the polo player on the horse is a unique logo and easy to retain by consumers.

Ralph_Lauren logo

Rituals:One channel Ralph Lauren builds their brand story is by the meaningful message they send through their advertisements and video marketing. The brand displays their purpose to empower and motivate the audience and to embody the purpose of the message. In their promotion of their fragrance Romance, Ralph Lauren creates an all American love story between two individuals. In the video blog advertising below, the positive expectation is shown through the video. It creates an emotional connection to why you should purchase this product. It also displays the rewarding outcome that a consumer can achieve by buying this product. Ralph Lauren simply says, buy the Romance Fragrance if you want the experience Romance in your life. Creating stories that consumers can relate to help supports the rituals of the company and contributes to the brand reputation.

Sacred Words: The language of Ralph Lauren in my opinion would be rich in quality, innovative, creative, and all American. Quality, detail, custom, design are also other expectations Ralph Lauren promotes. They are strong on pampering their customers and providing the best and high quality experience for the customer. Their drive to provides excellent customer service is a positive way to retain the customer and add to their brand equity. The fact that the brand values their commitment to consumers, Ralph Lauren strong brand image leads to completed transactions. Check out the video on Ralph Lauren & the Portraits of craftsmanship and how they speak about themselves as a brand and their products.

The Non Believers: The non-believers to Ralph Lauren would be their competitors. One of Ralph Lauren’s top competitors would be Tommy Hilfiger. I would consider Tommy Hilfiger a non-believer because some of their products imitates the look Ralph Lauren perceives but I believe falls shorts in design and quality. The articles bellows explains how the owner of Tommy Hilfiger admits to being jealous of Ralph Lauren.



The Leaders: With this concept, I feel like Ralph Lifshitz would be considered the main leader of this brand because he created the image and concept that he wanted to perceive. Not only is Ralph Lauren a great leader in sales, because their high quality products also differentiates them from other competitors.

Furthermore, the concept of primal branding of Ralph Lauren display that it is compatible with the brand. Having all seven elements working effectively and efficiently can help build a stronger brand community and brand story.

Improvements for a Poorly Designed Website (Graded):

In my opinion, www.Craigslist.org lacks the stickiness and personality it needs!

As far as value, Craigslist can provide more for their consumers. The landing page provides evidence that the users goals can be completed based on their location. The different regions are listed on the top of the page so the consumer can select which region they would like to search. This tool is somewhat helpful because it at least gives the consumer a starting point to where they may find the information or products they need. The essential function & content is only available where needed once the consumer searches the proper category.

When discussing the navigation of craigslist website, I believe it is poorly designed. Once you get to the main page where you can find information, there is a numerous amount of categories and subcategories on the page, almost too much content for the reader’s eyes at one time. The website should definitely be more skimmable because most consumers are intimated by the more words they see and will not retain the information. The categories and subcategories are mutually exclusive, but not as clear they should be. The menu categories immediately expose their subcategories but describe their subcategories to a minimum extent. More information could be listed in the subcategories so it will be less confusing for the reader to understand. I also do not feel like all the items are classified logically. For instance, pets were listed under the Community category but another consumer may be looking to buy a pet and would look under the For Sale category. As a recommendation Craigslist should create more categories so it would be more specific in organizing their listings and information instead of the general appearance it gives. The website’s hierarchy is not fully developed for a first time consumer visiting this website. The wording in the hyperlinks and controls were clear and informative. The keyword-based searches were by far not comprehensive and precise at all. I searched three different items and jobs and each search did not produce the information I needed. It provided me with little or no information and even produced data that were not related to my subject. Craigslist should organize their data more professionally and precisely. 

The presentation of the website is where I feel Craigslist lacks the most. There is a lack of creativity, personality, and any type of emotion and gives an outdated appearance. The site uses language to understand but often short hand some phrases which may not be pleasant to read for users. The site uses no graphics, icons, or symbols, which can be very dull and unattractive. Craigslist can improve this area by using visuals strategically   and adding pictures to gain the attention of the consumer. The text is legible and the text formatting and layout support easy scanning. The layout does not use space effectively and should be condensed more. There are no interactive elements such as discussion boards, chats rooms, polls, or surveys since lacks a sense of unity or even customer service. A discussion board would be helpful because a consumer can post items they would like to find on the website if it is not already listed.  In addition, the website does not accommodate the user’s range of hand-eye coordination in my opinion.

When dealing with trust, I feel like craigslist is not very trust worthy. Being that any individual can post information like job postings or car sells without creditability, it brings don’t the trust of the website. The privacy is based on how much information the seller wants to expose and there is a lack of security when giving your personal information over the Internet. Location cues does orient the user but it is still easy to get lost on this website. After applying to a job or inquiring information about a car posting, there is no feedback to whether you have successfully completed the task. It would be helpful if Craigslist could inform the user, they have successful perform the task to eliminate any type of confusion. There is a lack of help at available key points and does not help users recover from errors. Overall the site does not perform well in my opinion and needs major reconstruction.